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Updates: Operational Support and Special Projects

* Courtesy of Wix

This page provides update on recent special projects (marked SP) and support for general operation (GO) provided to address orphanage and school needs.

SP Rebuilding Campaign: September 2022

The campaign to rebuild the orphanage and its school after the May fire (see here) has raised $1,700.95 as of September 1 of the $15,761 USD estimated to rebuild. These funds from generous contributors have been used to purchase some of the lumber (planks) to begin the reconstruction, including the framing of the main building that houses the classrooms and accommodates the children (see pictures/videos below). 


The next reconstruction phase will include raising funds to purchase 165 sheets ($3,648 initial estimate) to cover the building. The timing of this phase is crucial because the orphanage's school is already behind the national requirements in offering primary, secondary, and technical education to the vulnerable orphans served by the school. To contribute to the rebuilding campaign, click here.

Image above: The truck arrives carrying the lumber for the initial phase of the rebuilding of the orphanage and its school; videos at right show the excavated site and lumber being unloaded for construction. 

Bottom row, left image: The side of the framed building that houses the school. Right image: The construction engineer (left) and orphanage coordinator Rev. Fr. Munembwe Mukamba Damas (right) stand near the newly framed building to show the scope of the rebuilding project. 

SP Emergency Medical Care: March 2022

The orphanage was in need of emergency medical supplies and care due to malnutrition, typhoid fever, and worms. A total of $793.00 USD was requested. A total of $100.00 USD was raised, enough to purchase several boxes of dewormer.

SP Christmas Meal: December 2021

A request was announced in mid-December 2021 to raise $659.00 USD for a special Christmas meal for the orphans, consisting of rice, beans, meat, and sweets. A total of $100.00 USD was raised for this special meal that allowed the orphanage to purchase some of the supplies for the meal.

SP Toilet Repair: November 2021

A special request was announced to raise $195.00 USD to repair the orphanage toilet, including funds for boards (10), tarpaulins (6), sheets (4), nails, and transportation/labor for the project. A total of $195.00 USD was raised for this project (see before and after pictures below).


State of toilet facility (before)


State of toilet facility (after)