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About the Orphanage

* Courtesy of Wix

The Archbishop Karl Rodig Orphanage and School (AKROS) is a charitable-social justice organization of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ (ECCC) and was founded in September 2018 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Central Africa to care for orphaned* (vulnerable**) children.


Overall, the country (DRC) has experienced many disruptions related to the effects of wars, armed conflicts, and poor governance since 1994 to the present day. Here is an overview of the DRC, its history, and economy.


This situation has created an urgent need for an orphanage and school since the developmental indicators in the DRC reflect exaggerated vulnerability*** and poverty, which call for appropriate interventions for these children because the situation is already precarious, untenable, and the per capita income is too low.


AKROS coordinator, Rev. Fr. Munembwe Mukamba Damas, with three children / youth from the orphanage.

* An orphan is a category of children who have lost one or both of the parents at the same time under varying circumstances, such as death,  illness, natural disaster, traffic accident, or war.


** Vulnerable is defined as an intensification of tensions with escalation of atrocities committed against civilian populations during war, including robbery, rape, genital mutilation, physical abuse, looting, burning of villages, torture, massacres, assassinations, and extortion of property, and these populations have been marred by social, economic, and psychosomatic consequences; high infant mortality rate; accentuated widowhood; chronic malnutrition; food and livelihood crises; illiteracy; sterility; etc. The populations that are victims of the resurgence of violence live in a permanent state of insecurity, in misery and poverty, in deprivation of their shelter and property. So, they live in a state of vulnerability, unable to bear the shock for lack of means. Women and children suffer the most.

*** Exaggerated vulnerability is a situation of shock, resulting from the loss of shelter, property, and socio-economic structures as a result of the effects of war during mass displacements, creating instability in civilian communities already destitute, without means of existence.