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Archbishop Karl Rodig Orphanage and School (AKROS) Board of Directors

The orphanage and school shall be managed by directors (hereafter referred to as the board) who shall assess and establish its overall direction and strategy; approve statements of policy and official relationships; adopt an annual budget; retain assistance to manage the corporation as necessary; in concert with corporate management ensure that the orphanage complies with Democratic Republic of Congo codes, laws, and regulations; and conduct other duties necessary to manage the general corporation.

Board Members

Kurt Hoyer, Fairfax, Virginia (USA) - Vice Chairperson

Mukamba Kilanda Raphael, Shabunda, Democratic Republic of Congo


Karl Rodig, Detroit, Michigan (USA)

Gary A. Staszak, Manassas, Virginia (USA) - Secretary/Treasurer

Petra Staszak, Manassas, Virginia (USA) - Chairperson

Ex-officio Members:

Rev. Dn. Munembwe Mukamba Damas, Coordinator/Director (Chief Operating Officer), Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Imani Cirala Brigitte, Cashier/Treasurer (Chief Financial Officer), Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

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