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The orphanage also provides special educational services (a school) for the orphaned (vulnerable) children. A total of 167 children attend classes with six instructors in primary and secondary grades and technical education. In fact, the orphanage's school is proposing to initiate technical / professional training in the following areas as one possible income-generating activity, among others: a driving school to train car drivers, a training center in cutting and sewing for young mothers, and another in carpentry.

Orphanage coordinator, Rev. Dn. Munembwe Mukamba Damas, with staff /  instructors and children of  varying ages from the orphanage, standing in front
of the school.



* Courtesy of Wix

Coordinator, Rev. Dn. Munembwe Mukamba Damas, displaying some of the textbooks used in the orphanage's school. 

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